One of the most frequent questions we receive is what kind of setup should I have for shooting tuna / yellowtail / dogtooth / mahi , etc....

Hopefully, we'll be able to answer these questions and give some insight into the ideal setup for your spearing situation.

Mahi - Delicious white flesh/mild

110 Euro, Floatline, float



In Jay’s days of participating in spearfishing competitions, he eventually was saddened by the amount of fish that were taken, both large and small. Jay recognized the devastating effects. There would be none left for the future generations. This shaped his vision to adopt the practice of taking only what is needed for consumption.

“All divers should protect the waters they swim and hunt in, ensuring future divers the experience and excitement of freediving that I’ve had over the past seventy years. I strive to produce high quality, spearfishing and diving equipment capable of handling any condition. Selective Divers set their sights on those few prize fish for consumption. Be Selective, Fish for the Future.”  – Jay Riffe