*** RIFFE Marauder RECALL Notice ***

6/6/2022 - For Immediate Release

We’ve recently discovered a small number of Marauders made in a specific period have exhibited a safety concern. Not all spearguns produced during this period are affected, but out of the abundance of caution we suggest all Marauder spearguns from this period be returned to RIFFE for inspection and/or necessary corrections.  

If you own a Marauder, please check the serial #. If it falls within the below range, please contact us immediately.

0821MD - - - - (built in August 2021)
0222MD - - - - (built in February 2022)


Your safety is our number one priority, so we ask that you work with us in getting your speargun back to RIFFE for further inspection. 


If you have a Marauder within the serial # range above, please CLICK HERE to email us immediately and include your serial #.

You will receive a response from us right away. Thank you for your prompt reply.



Jill Riffe Salerno