3 Atmosphere Float (F-1010)

The RIFFE 3 Atmosphere Torpedo Float designed to maintain lift up to a maximum of 95 lbs at a depth of 66 ft and flotation beyond 100ft. Pressurize up to 25 lbs PSI. The outer layer is made of a 320 lb./sq. vinyl coated tear strength material (22oz). Folds up to (14” x 14” x 2” = 4 lbs) for easy transporting. Inner replaceable urethane bladder has a reinforced 1000lb. Denier Cordura sleeve to maintain equal pressure throughout the bladder. Side zipper and (5) reinforced 1 ½” Nylon buckle straps grant access to the inner replaceable urethane bladder. Soft lead may be added when using flag.
Special Features:
• Inflated Dimensions – 39” length x 12” width x 11.75” height x 12” girth • 33 Liter • Two side handles and one rear handle • Comes with emergency Flair holder (Flair not included) • Set up to use a flag & ballast weight of 3 lbs lead shot (flag & weight not included)• Comes standard with Air Pressure Gauge • BC Air Blower with adapters included • Suggested filling method: Orally inflate to fill volume of float, then complete with compressor or scuba tank • Safety orange color
The 3 Atmosphere Float is truly in a class of its own.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Be sure that the straps and zipper are properly locked and secure before inflating to avoid damage.

[F-1010]   3 Atm Float without  flag or base, [F-1014] Flag, [F-1016] Flag Base, [F-1010B] Replacement Bladder


Torpedo 2 Float (F-2011 and F-2013)

Riffe’s newest construction of the Torpedo Divers Float. The TORPEDO 2 float now offers increased pressure limit up to 7 PSI with 95 lbs. of lift from the surface to 15 feet. Top entry zipper allows ballast weight or internal bladder replacement. Compact/ideal for travel. Inflate by bicycle pump or preferable method – an air compressor found at your local gas station. Be sure to always dive with a float!
Special Features:
• 33 Liter • Depths below 15 feet will reduce lift capacity • Spring loaded valve • (2) side handles and (1) rear handle • Heavy Duty outer cover • Sandwich material with nylon in the middle • Non-staining material • 3 lb. lead shot bag – recommended when using flag assembly • Flare and flag holder
Optional pressure gauge plus adaptor for filling with either a bicycle pump, compressor, or scuba tank; flag and flag holder


Utility Float


  • Stronger 420 Denier Nylon / Urethane
  • Stores in integrated surface
  • 16 gm cartridge included (standard)
  • 25 gm & 38 gm available for deeper dives
  • 36″ long when inflated
  • Optional accessory: Utility Float Holder

You may manually inflate Utility Float with your mouth at stem located underneath black end of float. Use this method for placement diving marker. Float can also be inflated underwater with the CO2 cartridge. 1st screw on CO2 cartridge to the popper which is located under black end of float. Then pull handle that is attached to string. This will puncture the CO2 cartridge causing float to inflate. Manual valve is also the release valve to reduce PSI and deflate float.

Float Accessories

A. Diver Down Flag (F-1014)
B. International Diver Down Flag (F-1015)
C. Flag Base (F-1016)
D.Hard Plastic Float (small) Black (F-1019)
E. Float Repair Cement (F-1017)

NEW Spectra Fusion Float Line

•    Riffe’s NEW Spectra Fusion Float line is manufactured from a proprietary custom blend of material, developed exclusively for Riffe.
•    Improved strength and durability
•    Yellow/blue outer sheath is composed of 32 strands fused together, coated with molten polyethylene for an abrasion and color-fast/UV resistant protective sheath.
•    Added internal middle braid ensures constant high test strength.
•    Upgraded foam rubber float core increases buoyancy making retrieval and line location as effortless as possible. Unlike other floatlines on the market made of polypropylene that end up sinking, Riffe’s Spectra Fusion Float line stays on the water for optimum visibility.
•    Unrivaled float line built to perform.
•    Tensile strength as tested including hardware (shackle, Quick Clips, and crimps) 800lbs. (365kg) plus
•    Available in 25ft (7.6m), 50ft (15.2m), 75ft (22.8m), 100ft (30.4m) lengths

NOTE: For blue water hunting (large pelagic fish) we recommend using Spectra Fusion float line in combination with a 25’ Bungee float line.


Vinyl Bungee Float Line Assemblies & Blue Water Bungee Float Line Assemblies

Used separately OR in combination. Both float lines are available in 25ft.(7.6m), 50ft.(15.2m), 75ft.(22.9m), and 100ft.(30.5m) lengths. The RIFFE bungee stretches 2 1/2 times its length with a 680lb.(308kg) test Nylon line core (Black only). Blue Water Bungee Float Lines are not for use around sharp surfaces. Includes (2) stainless steel plugs, shackles and Quick Clips.

Vinyl Float Line Available sizes:

  • 25 ft. (7.6M) PART # L-4020BK (black), L-4020BL (blue)
  • 50 ft. (15.2M) PART # L-4015BK (black), L-4015BL (blue)
  • 75 ft. (22.9M) PART # L-4010BK (black), L-4010BL (blue)
  • 100 ft. (30.4M) PART # L-4005BK (black), L-4005BL (blue)

Bungee Float Line Available sizes:

  • 25 ft. (7.6M) PART # B-4030 (black only)
  • 50 ft. (15.2M) PART # B-4035 (black only)
  • 75 ft. (22.9M) PART # B-4040 (black only)
  • 100 ft. (30.4M) PART # B-4045 (black only)

10 Foot Tag Line Assembly

10′(3.05M) w/ hard plastic float. Use in between two floats when hunting large pelagic fish, keeping lift capacity below 150 lbs. for record application. Recommended for fish over 180 lbs. (82 kg). Hard float maybe purchased separately.

PART # L-4025BK (black), L-4025BL (blue)


In Jay’s days of participating in spearfishing competitions, he eventually was saddened by the amount of fish that were taken, both large and small. Jay recognized the devastating effects. There would be none left for the future generations. This shaped his vision to adopt the practice of taking only what is needed for consumption.

“All divers should protect the waters they swim and hunt in, ensuring future divers the experience and excitement of freediving that I’ve had over the past seventy years. I strive to produce high quality, spearfishing and diving equipment capable of handling any condition. Selective Divers set their sights on those few prize fish for consumption. Be Selective, Fish for the Future.”  – Jay Riffe