Fish for the Future

Shooting Line - Monofilament and Cable (PER FOOT)

Shooting Line is used to connect spearshaft to speargun stock. 


    • A. 270 lb. (122kg) 3/64”(1.2mm) - 1/16”(1.6mm) S.S. Nylon Coated Cable
    • B. 500 lb. (227kg) 1/16”(1.6mm) - 3/32”(2.4mm) 7x7 S.S. Nylon Coated Cable
    • C. 750 lb. (340kg) 5/64” (2mm) 7x7 S.S Non-Coated Cable / 500 lb. (227kg) 1/16”(1.6mm) 7x7 S.S. Non-Coated Cable

** All shooting line is available in 100ft rolls and bulk (PER FOOT) lengths