What initially drew you to spearfishing/freediving?

Connection with Nature, for me spearfishing and freediving were the opportunity to connect with nature in a more intimate and immersive way. Being underwater with marine life can be a transformative experience that fosters a deeper appreciation for the ocean and its inhabitants.

Can you share a memorable experience or defining moment in your journey?

For many years, I believed that landing a huge marlin or the biggest tuna in my dreams represented the most memorable and exhilarating moments of my spearfishing life. However, the day I had the opportunity to share this experience with my son for the first time, witnessing his face light up in awe of the underwater world, undoubtedly became the moment I will cherish forever.

How do you stay motivated and inspired in your pursuits?

I have been keeping myself motivated by embracing new challenges in the industry. This includes tasks such as cruising beautiful yachts from one location to another, focusing on expanding my business, strategizing for new destinations to explore with the boat, and perfecting my Seacuterie recipes to precision.

Are there mentors who've impacted your journey significantly?

Encountering positive role models throughout our lives is undeniably crucial. I consider myself fortunate to have been exposed to both good and bad examples, as they have significantly contributed to my personal growth and development."
In my personal experience having shared amazing moments with legends like Jay Riffe, Terry Mass, Pipin Ferreras, Luis Turrent and more during my youth was definitely a game-changer for the rest of my life.

Can you describe a particularly challenging or rewarding trip? How did you overcome the challenge?

I believe every journey combines elements of both excitement and unpredictability. Over time, I have learned to be patient and appreciate the moments offered by Mother Nature. There is little we can control, so I choose to immerse myself in the local culture, explore the area, and make the most of every experience until it is time to return to the water.

How do you balance risk and adventure in your endeavors? What safety measures do you prioritize?

We are not mere risk takers; we are risk technicians. It becomes evident when circumstances indicate the playground is closed. I consistently steer clear of defying natural conditions and honor those moments when external factors dictate a pause in outdoor activities.

Describe your favorite marine species and what makes them special. 

My ultimate favorite fish is the yellowfin tuna, captivated by the enigmatic allure of how they emerge from the depths of the deep blue sea.

What is your go-to RIFFE setup and why?

My preferred Riffe setup is the New Raider 68" as 90% of my dives are in open blue water for pelagic species. I opted for a slightly shorter length than the 72" to enhance maneuverability during deeper dives. My setup always includes a 100ft bungee line and two 3ATM Floats for added functionality.

     Sebastian Melani
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