Where from & current location?

I am from San Diego, California and still currently live in the area. It's too nice to leave!

When did you start and what moved you to spearfish?

Ever since I can remember my dad had my siblings and I around boats and the ocean, either surfing or fishing.  My family spent a lot of time at the Channel Islands and I saw older guys with free diving equipment and their wood spearguns sticking out off the back of the boats. I thought this was the coolest way someone could catch a fish. I got my hands on an old pole spear and was instantly in love.

Favorite fish/location to hunt and why? Any technique tips?

Wahoo! South of the border. Every time I see these fish in the water it brings back a special feeling. I have noticed the more attention you pay to these fish the harder it can be to close the distance. Play hard to get and don’t be afraid to hit them in between the two fins towards the tail.  This shot placement is easy to aim for and is a very good holding shot. 

 Ryder Devo wahoo

Most memorable fish/diving experience?

210 pound local bluefin tuna during the fall of 2018.  I had always dreamed of spearing a bluefin over 80 lbs. in California for years and when these big tuna started showing up off our coast I knew I had to make that happen. We left the harbor the night before at 10 o’clock so we could be on the spot by grey light.  Capt. Ed was driving the boat and we spotted a breezer of nice size fish first thing in the morning. Ed put me in the perfect spot and I could barely hold my breath because my heart was beating so fast. I took a breath and dove to about 40’ and was about to make my way back to the surface when Big Tuna started swimming beneath me. I kicked down 10 more feet, lined up and squeezed the trigger.  The fish when straight down with the floats. After 15 min I was able to put a second shot in the fish.  It took three of us to get the fish on the boat.  Everyone on the boat was freaking out, it was an epic day!

Favorite fish recipe/way to prepare your catch/cleaning tips?

Super simple, I like to cut the fillets into thin slabs and coat with Mayo, salt, and pepper. Then throw them on the hot grill. It will cook quickly so make sure not to over cook. Then just serve it with rice and some veggies. Sooo good. I like to do this with Yellowtail, white seabass, and dorado, but you can’t beat straight sashimi with wasabi and soy sauce!

Favorite go-to RIFFE speargun and setup? Why/for what conditions?

Riffe Bluewater elite, x5 (5/8) bands with 11/32 shaft/ Tri-cut slip tip and a 75’ or 100’ bungee and 1 or 2 3atm floats. This is the best setup for big tunas but also works great for big yellowtail and wahoo in clear water.

What safety tips would you like to share regarding gear or freediving/spearfishing in general?

Always pay close attention to your dive buddy and surroundings.  Keep an eye out for boats passing by. Keep a good trauma kit on the boat or in the truck while you are diving. Go through your kit and know how to use everything!

What is the most rewarding aspect of diving/spearfishing?

Sharing these epic days on the water with family and close friends chasing fish!  It’s the best feeling when everyone gets to enjoy the fish you caught.

Why choose RIFFE?

Reliability! My good buddy’s dad is still shooting fish with his RIFFE that was made before I was even born. I have been using RIFFE guns since I started diving and they get the job done every time. Thank you Jay!

Anything else you would like to let the world know?

Huge thank you to the RIFFE family for always supporting me and my adventures.  Take care of your equipment and it will get the job done for you every time. Thank you RIFFE!