What initially drew you to spearfishing/freediving?

I was a happy kid growing up in an island that allowed me to be free. Our house was practically glued to the ocean and my family had already a very tight bond with the sea. This powerful cocktail of factors very soon sparked on me an immense curiosity about that world underneath the surface.

I used to listen in awe to the amazing underwater adventure stories my father and older brothers brought home from the sea along with all kinds of beautiful fish. To me they had superhuman powers and I wanted to be just like them.

I spent much of my childhood with salty skin and cold blue lips, it didn't take long for me to get comfortable in the watery and beg my parents for a speargun which they gave me right away. Kind of a “crazy parenting” I will always be grateful for. It set the course for the life I have today, a life where I'm still a happy kid.

How do you stay motivated and inspired in your pursuits?

There is a popular saying in my country that goes like this: “Quem correr por gosto não cansa”. Meaning - “Those who run for pleasure don't get tired.”

It is a passion of mine. I don’t even think I ever had a say on this matter, I’m naturally pre-motivated and inspired for all that sea has to offer.

How do you balance risk and adventure in your endeavors? What safety measures do you prioritize?

To achieve success in some of my missions I often need to be bold in my actions, which increases the risk factor. Although I am totally focused on the moment controlling the surrounding environment and the dangers that experience allows me to recognize, there are always risks that are impossible to predict or much less control. Accepting and embracing this reality is the only way I can truly live and appreciate the adventure I set out to undertake.

What lessons have you learned from your mistakes?

That it is better to be patient, humble, respectful and sometimes stubborn.

Can you recommend any resources or tips for someone interested in getting started with spearfishing/freediving?

Keep an open mind and pay attention to the simple signs. If it doesn't feel right don't do it. Most likely something is actually not right, you just don't know what yet. Presentiment, intuition, doesn't matter what we call it. It is kind of an extrasensory heads up alert mechanism we all do have installed.

How do you balance your passion for spearfishing/freediving with other commitments in your life?

Looking back in my life it is clear that everything that has appeared on my path that could in some way interfere with my relationship with the sea, I have simply and unconsciously diverted or carefully molded so that it could positively fit in what ended up naturally becoming a lifestyle.

It wasn't always easy to deal with the misunderstanding due to my divergence from society's traditional life models, but because this balance was born and gradually grew with my decisions over time, it is genuine, strong and it naturally fits in every other aspect of my life now.

What is your go-to RIFFE setup and why?

Riffe Euro 130 with 7,5mm double flopper mini shark fin tabs Shaft and Horizontal Reel. Very versatile setup suitable for many situations. I find it perfect for when I’m varying between bottom and open water hunting on the same spot.

For those really big pelagic fish I go with the RAIDER 70” with breakaways and float-line system.