What initially drew you to spearfishing/freediving?

I was obsessed with fishing as a kid. One day my neighbour suggested we take some hand spears from his garage and go for a spear.

I remember sticking my head underwater for the first time, seeing the fish I loved to catch & the environment they lived in. It was like I’d taken a blindfold off, I was instantly hooked.


Can you share a memorable experience or defining moment in your journey?

Joining a spearfishing club was definitely a huge turning point for me. Being surrounded by passionate spearos with 100’s of years of combined knowledge was invaluable. I was like a sponge, soaking in as much learning as I could.

Travelling through Central America with Jess for eighteen months, chasing fish and diving with people from all walks of life really took our diving to another level. We learnt so many different techniques from so many people, got to experience multiple different environments and species.

How do you stay motivated and inspired in your pursuits?

I have been fortunate with my spearfishing journey, nothing ever came easily and I’ve only achieved goals in small increments over a long time. It has kept the fire burning to keep chasing that next fish.

These days I have ticked off a big chunk of my list and honestly just enjoy getting out for a dive with good company. There is still a few fish that keep me up at night and still love exploring new places.

The endless learning always keeps me interested.

Are there mentors who've impacted your journey significantly?

Too many to count, I am extremely grateful to have dived with some absolutely phenomenal spearos over the years. My only regret is not learning more from some divers that are no longer with us.

I am always trying to dive with people more experienced than me.

Be humble in your ability, learn and much from as many people regardless of their experience. Valve local knowledge, it is a massive advantage when travelling.

What lessons have you learned from your mistakes?

1: Don’t expect anything from the ocean, it will constantly humble you. I used to set expectations for trips and would end up going home disappointed if I didn’t achieve my goals.

Now I just enjoy the pursuit and the whole experience, if I don’t get what I came for it lights the fire I need to go back out and try again.

2: Learn to rig your own gear and do it well. If the thought of replacing or sharpening comes into your mind, don’t be lazy & fix it.

The amount of time, money and effort we go through to put ourselves in front of a dream fish is astronomical. Gear failure can still happen but it always pays to have it functioning at 100%.

3: Don’t rush the journey, enjoy all the little wins on the way, spend the time and all the dream fish will come if you keep interested enough to persue them. My biggest fear with spearfishing is getting bored of it.

What advice would you give to someone considering taking up spearfishing/freediving as a hobby or lifestyle?

1: Respect the ocean. From a safety standpoint it is a dangerous environment, learn about shallow water blackout & buddy diving.

Boat traffic is probably one of the biggest dangers, don’t think because you have a float that you are safe, stay alert, visible and if you can, try to avoid areas of high boat traffic. I know multiple divers that have been run over, myself included.

From an environmental standpoint, respect the fish & environment you hunt. Admittedly it is easy to get excited and carried away when you’re starting out. The whole lifestyle revolves around the ocean so it only makes sense to look after it for yourself and future generations.

2: Join a spearfishing club, the old saying is you’ll learn ten years worth of knowledge in one year in a club surrounded by other passionate divers. I can attest to this.

3: Consider the general public’s perception of your actions. We face a lot of backlash as spearos, mostly from the bad actions of a few.

Remember we are one big community and we are always on show. Don’t take more than you need, respect the fish you’ve taken and don’t give anyone the wrong impression.

What is your go-to RIFFE setup and why?

For the majority of my diving I love my 110 Euro with horizontal reel. For general bread and butter species off the yacht it’s a great all rounder, easy to manoeuvre, including in caves yet still able to take down medium sized pelagics that make the mistake of coming too close. It’s also my go to in close quarters with dirty water for big Mulloway and Barramundi.

For Bluewater hunting I love the new 67” Raider. It had big shoes to fill coming from the Bluewater Elite but I am very happy with its performance and more streamlined design. Pair that with a spectra floatline and two 3ATM floats and you’re ready for anything that swims up to you. In true Bluewater where there is no chance of the fish reaching the bottom I will run a 100ft bungee instead of the spectra.