Brandon Wahlers Giant Dogtooth tuna


South Bay, Callifornia

First fish:

1 lb Opaleye with a 4ft Orange 3 prong.

First Pelagic fish:

40lb Yellowtail

Favorite Place to Dive:

Pacific Coast of Baja

Best Dive Trip:

Ive had too many Amazing trips to think of one as the best. The best ones are always with good friends, big fish, cold beer, and beautiful women. My trips to Indonesia have been mind blowing. You never get easy fish there, so when you do land a quality fish it comes with more of a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention the perfect waves, gorgeous women, 4am moto races, and Bintang.

Another good memory of a local dive I have is when everyone said the WSB were nowhere to be found, taking my kayak out to a kelp bed and coming home with 3 50 lbers.

Worst Dive Trip:

Never really had a bad time diving, as long as I’m getting wet I’m happy. Although I remember one trip to Baja with over 40 hours of driving and only an hour in the water with 5 foot vis and 30kt winds. At least there were Tecate and tacos.

Float Line or Reel?

It all depends on the situation. I’d say as a general rule of thumb I dive with a floatline in open water and a reel on the reef. I like the security of having a floatline and floats, but love the freedom of diving with a reel.

Top 5 best fish:

    • 240lb Yellowfin tuna
    • 86lb Pacific Cubera.
    • 52 lb Spotted Cabrilla
    • 87 lb Yellowtail.
    • 150 lb Dogtooth tuna.

What fish to you think about hunting the most?

Hands down Dogtooth Tuna. These are the most challenging and rewarding fish I have ever hunted.

Favorite Gear:

130cm Euro with reel, and Carbon Fins.

Give the fish to the sharks or fight them for it?

Fight em. If you give up the fish, you’re just going to train the sharks to keep coming back to tax you.

Most painful wank on a fish?

Losing a Monster Yellowfin Tuna by shooting it 5 minutes before it was completely dark 60 miles offshore and losing a full set up terminal gear.

Biggest shark you’ve ever seen?

17ft Great White with a 150lb YFT right on his back.

Coolest thing you’ve ever seen in the water?

Being schooled by a river of  100 to 200lb Yellowfin Tuna for 3 dives in a row, with hundreds of Galapagos sharks underneath.

What is the secret to consistently shooting White Seabass in California?

Floating in the middle of a kelp bed freezing your A$ off in cold murky water with an oversized gun and 25lbs of lead on your belt.


The Ocean.

Born and Raised in the South Bay, California.


Officer in the U.S. Merchant Marine. Currently working on commercial ships as 3rd Mate.

Years Diving:

Since 2001.