Fish for the Future

Torpedo 2 Divers Float

Riffe’s newest construction of the Torpedo Divers Float. The TORPEDO 2 float offers pressure limit up to 7 PSI with 95 lbs. of lift from the surface to 15 feet. Top entry zipper allows ballast weight or internal bladder replacement. Compact/ideal for travel. Inflate by bicycle pump or preferable method – an air compressor found at your local gas station. Be sure to always dive with a float!


F-2011 (with 12" Dive Flag)

F-2013 (without Flag)

  • 33 Liter
  • Spring loaded valve
  • (2) side handles and (1) rear handle
  • Heavy Duty outer cover
  • Sandwich material with nylon in the middle
  • Non-staining material
  • 3 lb. lead shot bag – recommended when using flag assembly
  • Flare and flag holder
  • Depths below 15 feet will reduce lift capacity

    Optional : Pressure gauge plus Adaptor for filling with either a bicycle pump or compressor; Flag and Flag Holder

    Excessive heat may increase pressure in float causing rupture. Do not store inflated float in hot environment temperature when filling to allow for expansion/contraction. When filled with cold compressed air, pressure will increase with temperature increase. Fill slightly less than 7psi in a hot environment. Check float air pressure 20 minutes after inflating to ensure pressure has not exceeded 7psi

    Inflated Dimensions: 39" length x 12" width x 11.75" height x 12" girth

    Folds up to 14" x 12" x 2" = 1.7 lbs (for easy transporting)