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Armoured Spectra Float Line Assembly *SECONDS*

RIFFEs Armoured Spectra Float Line features an inner float core which consists of two layers; a central 3mm closed cell neoprene core for high flotation and easy grip when under tension & a middle layer of linear spectra fibers. These linear fibers encapsulate the inner neoprene core and take up all the load on the line. Even when these fibers are under full load they can still flow smoothly around the inner neoprene core, allowing a positive grip on the line under trying conditions.
The outer sheath is composed of 32 strands of armored Spectra. The fibers of each strand are fused together and coated with molten polyethylene for an extremely abrasion resistant and color-fast UV resistant protective sheath.
NOTE: If you are planning on using our Armored Spectra float line for blue water hunting, we recommend securing in combination with a 25' bungee float line. This hybrid float line set up absorbs the “initial shock” in the event your fish bolts after a hit, ensuring complete retrieval.

These are *SECONDS* - which in no way affect the performance of this product.