Fish for the Future


High Density Front Floater Wing Kit

Made of 24 lb. high density foam molded polyurethane. Designed primarily for the Metal Tech Series spearguns for added buoyancy and stabilization with parallel pull. Floats models #3 thru #5 without shaft. For added floatation we recommend combining with Rear Teak Ballast Wing Kit (K-6500)

Enclosed Track Kit

Designed primarily for those who prefer to free-shaft. Used on RIFFE Metal Tech Series spearguns only. You may order the enclosed track assembled at time of purchase or as a kit for existing RIFFE Metal Tech speargun models. Accepts shaft 9/32″(7.1mm) or 5/16″(8mm).

  • ETR-0 for MT0
  • ETR-1 for MT1
  • ETR-2 for MT2
  • ETR-3 for MT3
  • ETR-4 for MT4
  • ETR-5 for MT5

Aluminum Muzzle

Designed for the Metal Tech Series spearguns to allow increased power fitting up to (4) 5/8″ (16mm) or (6) 9/16″ (14mm) bands. Recommend using with Front Floater Wing Kit. M-7060

Note: Weight of aluminum muzzle is 6 oz. If used without front floater wing or teak ballast wing kit, speargun will be negatively buoyant.

Glass Filled Nylon Muzzle

Designed for the Metal Tech Series spearguns. Comes stock when ordering a Metal Tech speargun. Fits up to (3) 5/8″(16mm) or (4) 9/16 (14mm) bands. M-7050

Vertical Reel Mounting Bracket – for Metal Tech Series Only

Inserts for mounting the RIFFE CFN Vertical Reel to Metal Tech Series spearguns.RL-1006