Fish for the Future


Home: Sunset Beach Hawaii
Work: Professional Big Wave Surfer
Years Diving: As long as I can remember

I was born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii, and was introduced to the ocean at a very young age. My Dad had me surfing and spearfishing by the time I was 3 and I haven’t stopped since. All that time in the water payed off when I became a professional surfer at 17.

Since then I’ve been spending half my year at home in Hawaii and the other half traveling the world looking for huge waves and giant fish. I NEVER leave home without my dive gear.

First fish:

Some poor victim; probably a triggerfish.

First Pelagic fish:

Wahoo – first time I ever went out looking. We had heard that if you went out far enough you could find them so me and a buddy took the Kayaks out to 85 ft. We found a Ulua in a hole and put both of our float lines together so we could get to the bottom to get the Ulua and I had the gun and two nice Ono (Wahoo) came right up to my friend.  He had no float line so I was the only one that could shoot and I landed my first Ono 42lbs.

Favorite Place to Dive:

At home when its good.

Best Dive trip:

They are all good. I’m never satisfied with the fish I shoot so it makes me fired up to go again.

Worst Dive Trip:

Would have to involve some tournament somewhere… Either that or the time we got stuck on and Island in Fiji with no boat and no supplies for almost a week. It was too rough for anyone to come get us and too rough to go diving.  Sucked

Float Line or Reel?

Reel because they are great for shooting big doggies!!!  (CK filmed Mark shooting a 150lb Tuna this year in Micronesia at 100ft with only a 130 and a reel and the monster fish had all the line out and then took the gun before we could ever reach the surface.)  With a Reel it is just easier to approach fish especially when you are trying to hide from Mu and Uku on the bottom.  It is so much more versatile for diving in the rocks and in current.

Last time you told your girlfriend you loved her more than Spearfishing?

She knows better than to ask me questions like that.  Next question.

Top 5 best fish:

100+lb Yellowfin Tuna in Guadalupe Island while we were filming Great White Sharks.  Knowing that the Whites were there and getting the shot on film and seeing the fish tail walk as it comes off the shaft and having to chase it down and get a second shot into it was insane. Another incredible day was swimming form shore at home just for some birthday BBQ fish with just the 110 with a reel and ending up shooting a big Mahi and Ono (Dolphin and Wahoo) from shore.

What fish to you think about hunting the most?

Doggies and Uluas.  They just look so pissed off when you see them and you know that as soon as you pull the trigger it is about to become a full on battle. When you shoot a big Dogtooth Tuna you there is no telling what is about to happen, he’ll take all your gear or bring 100 sharks. When you are looking into that Ulua hole and get ready to pull the trigger…. You see that thing looking back at you and its like pushing the red button. You know its on.

Favorite Gear:

If I had one thing to use all year it would be my 130 Euro with a 9/32 double flopper shaft and a Horizontal reel.

Give the fish to the sharks or fight them for it?

Fight em for it every time!  Once he gets a piece of it its done but until then it is fair game.  Make them work for it.

Most painful wank on a fish?

In Central America shooting a 300+lb Yellowfin that was at the time easily the world Record and seeing the slip tip pull out of him. I was using a 100ft bungey at the time and was stretched out at the end of it shooting downwards. It was a monster. In Fiji this year a giant Dogtooth over 200lbs came right up and I drilled him from 10 feet away right behind the pectoral fin.  He took 100ft of bungey and two 2 atmosphere floats down and wrapped up in the bottom and broke the 500lb Cable.  The power of those fish is unlike anything else.

Are there fish on the bottom at Waimea Bay when the buoys are reading 20 feet?

Yeah there are actually lots of Oi (Bonefish)

I was wondering why you were always down there looking!

That’s how I get my exercise!