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First dive memory?
Haha I didn’t have a mask, I would just use my naked eye under water vision to explore this
strange and interesting world. I believed that if I kept at it, I would eventually be able to see as
well as a fish. Never did! But even still, I remember how much I was amazed with that blurry
world my burning red eyes could see.
Favorite dive spot?
My favorite spot is the one I’ve never dove before, where the unexpected lives. I do love diving
the deep blue water around Azores Islands, it’s full of BIG surprises.
Maybe one day I’ll find a favorite spot. Until then I’ll have fun looking for it.
What brings you most joy in spearfishing?
This is the one question to which I should have a concise answer. But I don’t!
I take so much out of each and every moment. The calm and clear focus of carefully preparing my
equipment and the plan for a specific dive; the exciting anxiety before the dive; the muted thrill
from the adrenaline rush of the hunt; the liberating happiness of a successful catch and the
overwhelming disappointment of a unsuccessful one; the simply pure pleasure of fixing and
cooking my own catch. Finally, the comfort of self pride from getting to share my effort and
passion with family and friends. Above all, I would say that the most joy comes from the powerful
sense of accomplishment at the end of the day, knowing this is what defines me.
Top 5 fish accomplishments?
Bigeye Tuna 110,1kg (242,7lbs) – Current World Record
Yellowfin Tuna 74kg (163lb)
Yellowfin Tuna 64kg (141lb)
Wahoo 30kg (66lb)
Lesser Amberjack 6,4kg (14,1lb) – Current World Record
Why you choose Riffe?
I appreciate and stand by the message Riffe relays about spearfishing and it’s philosophy on Ethics & Conservation. I believe the quality and construction of Riffe products to be the best, and contributes in bringing out the most of my skills. The results I have been achieving since using these products have enlightened me. For me, it’s the natural choice.