Diego Santiago

Picture 25

Hometown – Brazil

Years Diving – 20

Diving background, when you started. What moved you to spearfish?  My dad used to take me fishing (with hooks) and I was crazy for it, but always wondered how the world would be underwater. I dove for the first time at eight years old with a mask and snorkel. That day changed my life and my attraction to the sea. Today, this sport is my life.

Top 5 fish you’ve landed.  Yellowfin Tuna – 258lb/117kg (Panamá), Mutton Snapper 30lb/13,5kg (Búzios, Brazil), Dusky Grouper 75lb/34kg (Búzios, Brazil), Cobia 117lb/53kg (Búzios, Brazil), Red Grouper 26lb/11,650kg (Búzios. Brazil), Yellow Tail 69lb/31,5kg (Búzios, Brazil)


Biggest fish you’ve seen and haven’t been able to land or most impressive fish you’ve seen in the water.  A Blue Marlin +- 500kg. disappeared with two buoys in 10 seconds. I’m looking for the buoys til this day 🙁

Favorite place to dive. Why? Describe one memorable hunt.  Búzios, Rio de Janeiro – Brazil. There’s fishing every day all year. One day I discovered a school of groupers. hundreds of giant fish on a rock 10 feet long. I captured only one to eat and then watched the spectacular show.

Favorite fish to hunt. Why?  Tunas in Brazil which are extremely skittish. My dream is to land a big one here. I’ve encountered many, used all the techniques, but never can get close enough.


Scariest thing you’ve seen while diving?  A killer whale coming towards me with his mouth open. He was just curious, but I almost had a heart attack!

What’s the most rewarding part of spearfishing for you?  The deep connection with nature, utilizing the mind and body together and being able to provide a fresh and healthy meal for dinner at home.